Features & Benefits of e-Learning

e-Learning has many features and benefits for helping you and your business. Whether it is as a risk management tool to highlight how you measure and evidence competence or for your own personal development, it is clear that when used properly it can help your business grow and unlock potential in your own abilities.


  • 24/7 Access: Learners can access the learning material whenever they want.
  • Find the Gaps: Gap Analysis assessments can help you identify the knowledge gaps before learning commences. Once you know the gaps you can you ensure that the right learning is attempted to help fill those gaps, saving time and money.
  • Different Learning Styles: E-learning can be delivered in many different ways to suit different learning styles. Content can be produced in word format, with the incorporation of images and diagrams, with added video and audio descriptions, or with the development of challenges and games to consolidate the learning process.
  • Work at the learner’s pace: Learners are able to take courses and learning modules at their own pace, meaning they no longer have to worry about time constraints or the stress of falling behind in their work.
  • CPD: Using an online platform means that users can record accurately how long they are spending on their professional development. CPD reports can be downloaded and printed at the touch of a button and badges and certificates can be awarded as evidence.
  • Higher Staff Engagement: When staff are able to access learning tools at times that suit them and with a catalogue of material at their fingertips they are more likely to engage with the learning process.
  • Peer Collaboration: Our experience shows that desk based learning encourages peer interaction and collaboration. A large amount of professional learning is completed on the job and not in the classroom and e-learning will encourage peer support and teamwork.
  • Cost Effective: There are numerous options available to suit every budget. The most expensive aspect of any training is writing the material and providing the trainers. If you already have your own material then e-learning course production can become very cost effective. With the material hosted online, large numbers of learners are able to access it at any one time which will reduce the need for multiple training sessions.
  • Global Opportunity: E-learning can be accessed worldwide, meaning that you can train your staff over a wider geographical range, perfect for multi-site organisations. With e-learning you can ensure that all staff have access to the same core material and can be benchmarked successfully against each other.