My Development Zone For Businesses

Your customers and your employees expect more. Your customers now want to be part of the business relationship. They want to be educated about your products and services, your vision, your people, your brand and how you will provide support. 


If the people in your business have the skills, motivation and the passion about what they do then they will become great advocates for your company and your customers will benefit from that.


My Development Zone is a great solution to keeping your employees’ skills up to date and refreshed. Learning is a great motivator for employees, particularly those who want to learn new skills and add value to their roles. 


If your employees are more motivated and more skilled then they will help you drive your business forward and help you achieve business results. This not only enhances the customer experience with your business, but also helps you to develop your people from within, which can save you money in the long run on recruitment and employee turnover.


The foundation that My Development Zone has been built upon utilises evidence based learning. If you work in a regulated environment or have business partners who see workplace learning as an important part of the business relationship then, by using the system, you will have evidence of competence and achievement all at your fingertips.


My Development Zone is a subscription based service that gives you access to the whole learning system for the low cost of £5 per month (+ VAT) per learner. This makes budgeting for the workplace very simple and affordable. If employees leave the business, then their account can be archived and swapped with new team members.


Your subscription unlocks every course and all the same great learning features as everyone else. There are no add-ons, hidden costs or premium plans.


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“Why do I train? – to keep my knowledge up to date and maintain confidence. What motivates me? – providing a service that is recognised by clients and colleagues. Why Development Zone? – It’s easy to use, aimed at and benchmarked against other companies.” – Robin Spencer-Smith, Managing Director