My Development Zone For Enterprises

My Development Zone is a fully hosted and scalable learning platform that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Gone are the days of paying tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds on enterprise platform builds or courseware licence costs, our solution means that all your employees will get access to the one system and can begin learning immediately.


There are major benefits for enterprise size businesses who use My Development Zone. These include:


  • Bulk sign-ups: We can get you up and running in minutes.
  • White labelling: We can adjust the theme of My Development Zone to match your company branding.
  • Full team management: Mirror your organisational structure easily with our team organogram feature. Give autonomy to your supervisors, department heads and team leaders to manage their own team learning.
  • Automated reports: Supervisors can choose to have reports emailed to them on a regular basis so that they can monitor progress.
  • Identify learning needs: Our gap analysis approach means that we can evidence where your company has learning needs. This allows you to better spend your training budgets and deliver training that is more focused and to the point.
  • Account Manager: We provide every business with an account manager who can work with you to onboard employees and help you manage new starters and leavers.
  • Pushed learning: You decide which courses are mandatory for your employees and teams. Set learning plans and assign deadlines. Monitor completion, results and non-completion.

My Development Zone is a subscription based service that gives you access to the whole learning system for the low cost of £5 per month (+ VAT) per learner. This makes budgeting for the workplace very simple and affordable. If employees leave the business, then their account can be archived and swapped with new team members.


Your subscription unlocks every course and all the same great learning features as everyone else. There are no add-ons, hidden costs or premium plans.


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“We want our staff to be proud to work for Eastwood and Partners and we feel that by supporting them with their training and development they get the necessary skills to be able to do their job roles to the best of their ability. The Development Zone is hugely important to us.” – Lucy Hodgson.