My Development Zone For Managers & Supervisors

Workplace learning needs workplace support. Whether you use skills development as part of the appraisal process or want to set compulsory learning for all of your staff, My Development Zone has all the tools needed to help measure progress.


  • Complete overview of activity – review learning plans and progress of all staff
  • Set learning plans and target dates – build company or team wide training plans
  • Create teams – if you have a lot of staff, you can build teams and assign Team Leaders
  • Build your own content – use our custom content feature to build your own courses
  • Appraisal support packs – your employees can download an appraisal support pack that outlines all of their My Development Zone activity for that year
  • Dashboard statistics – get an overview of company performance and see who are your top performers and where you may have some gaps
  • Be a better manager yourself – we have a large amount of courseware for the manager to help you better understand your own role and how to manage and supervise your employees more effectively.

My Development Zone is a subscription based service that gives you access to the whole learning system for the low cost of £5 per month (+ VAT) per learner. This makes budgeting for the workplace very simple and affordable. If employees leave the business, then their account can be archived and swapped with new team members.


Your subscription unlocks every course and all the same great learning features as everyone else. There are no add-ons, hidden costs or premium plans.


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"I enjoyed completing the Supervisor Course Online training, it has provided me with the tools for self-development in my role and ideas for improvements in my department." Kay Godwin