My Development Zone For Teams

My Development Zone works perfectly for teams. By giving your employees the tools to learn then you will increase workplace motivation and benefit from an increase in baseline skills that will add tremendous value to your business. 


Your people are your biggest asset. Look after them and challenge them to develop. More and more people in the workplace fulfil multiple roles and want to learn new skills to help them grow.


The My Development Zone team structure allows you to build your own company organogram and add employees to the teams they represent. This means that you can set learning plans for your different teams and monitor their progress at the click of a button.


We also have great course content to help you better understand the value of teams and how to get the best out of them.


My Development Zone is a subscription based service that gives you access to the whole learning system for the low cost of £5 per month (+ VAT) per learner. This makes budgeting for teams very simple and affordable. If employees leave the business, then their account can be archived and swapped with new team members.


Your subscription unlocks every course and all the same great learning features as everyone else. There are no add-ons, hidden costs or premium plans.


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“The Development Zone online training is very convenient as we are able to decide when we want to do the training and how much to do each time. My Director has set-up an in-house calendar alert as a gentle reminder to log-in and do some training and it seems to be working very well. The questions open up debates in the office (albeit sometimes heated!), which works as an additional learning curve.” – Priti Shah.