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My Development Zone is a subscription based service that means that for the low cost of £5 per month, you can now have access to a system that includes a huge range of features and tools without having to pay for any platform development or hosting. Gone are the days of paying tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds to build and install an online learning solution in your business. 


My Development Zone has been developed by us for over 10 years. Our vision back when we started was to make online learning accessible to all, and that is what we have achieved. When you sign up to the system, you will get the same experience and the same service as everyone else. No plugins, no bolt-ons and no requests to upgrade your package.


The features that you will receive include:


Assessment based learning - our gap analysis model does away with traditional summative learning. Our assessments begin before the learning, which allows the learner to understand what they do not know. This allows them to focus their time on learning that matters. It also allows them to assess their own skills development. It’s one of the most liked elements of the system because it works on so many levels. Goodbye boring e-learning.


Badge rewards - Achievement should be recognised. My Development Zone issues badges for passing courses which is a great way to motivate your employees. They can be displayed on your website or social networks to highlight how important learning and development is within your business culture. Learners can add them to their CVs or social networks to highlight their skills, too.


Learning Plans – There are hundreds of courses on My Development Zone. We have a great course catalogue that allows you to filter your learning and make searching simple. Learners can also pick the courses that they want to do and add them to their personal learning plans. The learning plan is a personal to do list where you can set deadlines and monitor progress. We encourage professional and personal development, take advantage of our tool to help you add records of structured and unstructured learning.


Reporting – Every assessment and course attempt is logged on My Development Zone. This means that you can access a wide range of reports to provide evidence of your progress. If you manage a team, then you will be able to review your employees’ progress at any time and see where your company learning needs are.


Benchmarking – My Development Zone’s unique reports show how both your business and you as a learner compare to the other My Development Zone learners by displaying your scores against the averages on the system. This allows you to see how you compare to the competition.


Ask Development Zone – Our intelligent search engine will search all the text on the site, so for any question asked, My Development Zone will return the most likely areas where the answer can be found. Why rely on just course headings or course introductions alone?


Questions by Email – Do you find it hard to make the time to log in? Our unique, ‘questions by email’ service emails you regular questions to help you assess your knowledge. The answers that you give in your email browser are logged on the system without you having to leave your email.


Learn Anywhere – My Development Zone is HTML5 compatible, so you can access it at any time of day across multiple devices with no annoying pop-ups or internet browser issues.


Customised Content – Supervisors can add their own learning content and push it to their teams, giving you the autonomy and customisation than you will have ever seen before.


A Human Helping Hand – Every learner on My Development Zone has access to a dedicated Account Manager who is on hand to help with any queries or support you may need. We send out regular emails to learners and supervisors to remind your employees to continue their learning and development, saving you time, and we also offer regular tips around motivation, how to use the system and the importance of professional and personal development.


The great thing about subscription based service is that all future system updates, upgrades and developments are included and rolled out at no extra costs to you.

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