Hundreds of Courses

My Development Zone contains a database of over 10,000 multiple choice questions, over 200 business skills assessments and learning modules, and a growing library of new learning content, such as video glossaries, reading material and links to key websites.


That’s a lot of content for you and your staff to find relevant competence assessment and learning material for your business.


We don’t just stop there.


Your £5 per month subscription gets you access to all the courseware on My Development Zone, and the great thing is that we are adding new and original content all of the time and it's all included in your package. 


Want some specific material to help your business?


As long as we can make the learning material generic and it’s relevant to other companies then we will happily write, build and update the course for you at no extra charge as part of your package.


What we don't do...


Send you links to online articles and journals - you can do that yourself!

Charge you for courseware bolt-ons and packages.

Restrict the number of courses that you can access each month.

Host learning material that has been resold and republished on hundreds of sites.




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